Electron beam dynamics after tens of centimeters scale propagation inside plasma and under external fields


2024/01/23 13:30 – 15:00


3rd build. 5F Meeting room + Zoom


Driss Oumbarek (SANKEN)





M. Masuzawa (PHS 4692)


Plasmas are a complex medium and highly non-linear, especially during interaction with external particle beams or lasers and their uses are quite diverse and span multiple fields.
Among their different utilizations, plasma optics for electron beams have quite promising features to be used in particles transport lines with multiple purposes (e.g., steerers, focusing, etc) substituting and/or complementing current magnetic lattices.
However, the direct study of the electron dynamics inside a plasma or furthermore, of a three-body interaction (i.e., plasma + electrons + external field) is quite difficult to perform, making necessary the use of other methods like particle in cells simulations (PIC). However, the computational and time resources needed for widely utilized PICs make them impractical when high resolution and long time/distance (centimeters) simulations are required.
In the present work, plasma optics and a new approach to PIC simulations that takes advantage of the use of a relativistic reference frame and consequent time dilation, and length contraction are introduced.
These PIC code properties make possible simulations capable of long (meter length) and high-resolution simulations without the need of supercomputers.
The first results of the electron-plasma optics interaction are shown, revealing beam focusing, long distance transverse size conservation and the capacity of imprinting a longitudinal density modulation on the beam.
Finally, the simulation of the three-body interaction (beam-plasma-undulator) is done.

Release date 2024/01/11 Updated 2024/03/02