Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


2023/12/05 15:40 – 16:40


Kobayashi Hall and Zoom


Yasuyuki Okumura, Hiroyuki Nakayama






CERN established a Code of Conduct (CoC) in 2010. This Code of Conduct serves as a guide to help us understand how to conduct ourselves, treat others, and expect to be treated based on five core values of the Organization: “Integrity,” “Commitment,” “Professionalism,” “Creativity,” and “Diversity”. The ATLAS collaboration is advancing initiatives for and prioritising Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), upholding and respecting the CERN CoC. I had opportunities to serve as the ATLAS D&I co-contact for the two-year period (2021-2023) in the collaboration, providing me with a chance to closely observe CERN’s efforts in D&I and the approach to D&I within ATLAS collaboration. I would like to have this seminar as an opportunity to share my experiences during this time, as well as the direction in which CERN’s initiatives are headed.

KEK IPNS is preparing our own Code of Conduct (CoC). In this presentation, we provide an overview of the journey from the launch of Working Group in August to the development of the current CoC draft.
We aim to incorporate feedback received during this workshop into the final version of the CoC.

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