Muon acceleration and future muon collider


2023/11/13 15:00 – 16:00


4-go-kan 345 and Zoom


Mitsuhiro Yoshida





Muon acceleration is positioned as an innovative technological development to realize the next generation collider,
and discuss the future plan to develop and realize it.
A mini-workship was held.
Physics of the next generation collider using muons, muon acceleration by MAP method, the current position of J-PARC with regard to ultra-low muon acceleration and high-intensity muon production, etc., were reviewed and the current status.
Further the potential of muon-based next-generation colliders, using muTRISTAN as an example was introduced.
We will also discuss what kind of research is needed to clarify the physics reach and technical bottlenecks and move on to the next stage of investigation.
discussed what kind of research is needed in the future.

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