KIT – Status of Test Facilities KARA and FLUTE






Akira Mochihashi (Institute for Beam Physics and Technology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)





SHIMOSAKI Yoshito (PHS 4861)


In the Institute for Beam Physics and Technology (IBPT) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany,the accelerator complexes KARA and FLUTE are in operationas test facilities where various scientific activities foraccelerator physics and technology take place now.
The Karlsruhe Research Accelerator (KARA) is a high-energyelectron storage ring, which provides electron beams withan energy range between 500 MeV to 2.5 GeV and a synchrotronradiation source, the KIT Light Source. The FLUTE (FerninfrarotLinac- und Test- Experiment) facility serves as an acceleratortest facility for various accelerator physics studies, whose coreconsists of a femtosecond chirped laser- driven RF photoinjector, a linear accelerator, and an electron bunch compressor to provide ultra-short electron bunches for THz generation studies and non-linear physics investigations.
As test facilities, KARA and FLUTE and other research infrastructureswithin the Accelerator Technology Platform (ATP) at KIT support the R&D of technologies for tomorrow’s accelerators and detectors.Access to KIT-based accelerators via IBPT is augmented by EuropeanTransnational Access via several international projects such asEURO-LABS. ATP provides a single point of contact (SPOC) andcentral access point for large-scale accelerator projects to theaccelerators (KARA and FLUTE) and know-how located at KIT institutes.IBPT provides an educational and hands-on environment for studentsand the next generation of accelerator scientists at KIT. Doctor andmaster candidates and bachelor students are currently engaged inresearch and development for the projects at KARA and FLUTE andother projects, where the latest frontiers of accelerator physics arepromoted enthusiastically.
Following an introduction to KIT and IBPT, the presentation introducesthe status of our accelerator complexes, KARA and FLUTE and currentresearch topics and ongoing projects. The international projectsassociated with the activities are introduced in the context of theresearch topics at KARA and FLUTE. The educational environmentand related outcoming products, such as theses and presentationsat international conferences, are shown in the presentation.

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Release date 2023/03/07 Updated 2024/03/02