Exploring Dark Matter Candidates with Microlensing


2021/4/27 11:00〜12:00




Mr. Sunao Sugiyama ( KIPMU, The University of Tokyo)




Takahisa Igata / igata-AT-post.kek.jp


I will talk about constraints on dark matter (DM) candidates, especially primordial black hole (PBH), with optical microlensing search. Microlensing is a gravitational lensing phenomenon, caused purely by the gravitational effect, and is a powerful tool for studying the nature of dark matter. MACHO, Kepler, OGLE and Subaru HSC, have explored dark matter candidates until now. My project is to utilize current/future dataset of HSC to test various dark matter candidates, and to develop more sophisticated analysis method to study the nature of dark matter further. PBH is a viable candidate of dark matter, and has received attention these days, because it could also explain the counterparts of LIGO GW binary BH systems and the seed of super massive black holes that exist at nuclei of every galaxy. I will talk about a new PBH model proposed by us to account for these events as well as DM at the same time, and forecast of constraint on this model with HSC.

Release date 2021/04/09 Updated 2024/03/08