The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI)


The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Japanese abbreviation: SOKENDAI), founded in 1988, was the first graduate university in Japan. SOKENDAI affiliates with Inter-University Research Institutes to foster original and international researchers over a wide range of fields, and to discover and promote research and education that cross traditional boundaries. In the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (Japanese abbreviation: KEK), there are three programs in Accelerator Science, Materials Structure Science and Particle and Nuclear Physics, which closely co-operate to develop graduate education based on the three research activities of KEK.

Details of each SOKENDAI program in KEK, please see the following pages.

Admission to SOKENDAI

There are three ways to enroll in SOKENDAI.

  • General Admission
  • Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Students
  • Privately Financed Students

Please see the following page for admission.

KEK scholarship

KEK provide a scholarship to privately financed international students enrolled in 3-year doctoral course.

Application Guidelines

SOKENDAI KEK Tsukuba/J-PARC Summer Student Program

SOKENDAI and KEK offers internship for undergraduate students and master’s students from outside Japan. Please see the page below for details.

For graduate students accepted at KEK

For information on procedures at KEK, please see the following page.

Updated 2024/03/14