Researcher 21-5

Opened Date
No. Researcher 21-5
Inst./Lab. Neutrino group, Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies (IPNS)
Title Researcher
Term Up to the end of March 2025 with the contract renewed every year.
Number one person
(yyyy/mm/dd, time)
2022/02/16 12:00 (JST)
Guidelines for application Researcher 21-5

Job Description

The position is under KAKENHI (Grant-in-Aid for Specially Promoted Research) project “ Development of the JSNS2 experiment at J-PARC Material and Life science research Faciliy (MLF) “ (PI: Takasumi Maruyama, JFY2020-2024). The successful candidate will join the JSNS2/JSNS2-II experiments, and will promote its research program by performing the operation of the detector and physics analyses of JSNS2, and the construction of the new far detector of the JSNS2-II.


Applicant must have a Ph.D. obtained at the time of application, or is sure to get Ph.D. prior to starting the job at KEK.