Accelerator Lab

The Accelerator Laboratory is responsible for the design, construction and operation of leading-edge particle accelerators, which form the foundation of all scientific research carried out at KEK. Research activities encompass large-scale accelerators used in collaborative experiments, as well as specialized accelerator development. For details, please visit the Accelerator Laboratory home page.


: Seiya Yamaguchi
Accelerator Div. I : Tadashi Koseki
Accelerator Div. II : Fujio Naito
Accelerator Div. III : Kazunori Akai
Accelerator Div. IV : Haruyo Koiso
Accelerator Div. V : Kazuro Furukawa
Accelerator Div. VI : Shinichiro Michizono
Accelerator Div. VII : Yukinori Kobayashi

Officel : Tel 029-864-5205 Fax 029-864-3182

Research Groups

Electoron-Positron Injector Linac
B Factory (KEKB)
Japan Proton Accelerator Research
ILC Accelerator Development (ILC)
Proton Synchrotron (12-GeV PS)
(Decommissioned 3/31/2006)
Lightsources (PF, PF-AR)

Accelerator Test Facility (ATF)
Accelerator Theory Group
Electrostatic Storage Ring (ESRING)
(in Japanese)
Super-bunch (in Japanese)
ERL Project(in Japanese)

Table-Top Proton Synchrotron (TTPS)
Low-impedance cavity collaboration

Graduate Schools

Graduate Univ. for Advanced Studies:
Dept. of Accelerator Science