Novel Cavity Treatments and Infrastructures at DESY / SRF R&D activities and projects at FNAL

開始2019/10/25 (金) 13:30
終了2019/10/15 (火) 15:30
講演者Marc Wenskat氏(DESY) / Mattia Checchin氏(FNAL)
連絡先山本 康史 (PHS 4696)


Title: Novel Cavity Treatments and Infrastructures at DESY
Marc Wenskat氏(DESY)
Nitrogen Infusion, Nitrogen Doping, Low-T bake, Mid-T bake - many new heat treatments came up in the recent years for SRF cavities.
They require dedicated furnace and clean room infrastructure to be successful and well equipped test infrastructure to study these new phenomena.
The status of DESY, where we are with our infrastructures and where we want to go, will be given.

Title: SRF R&D activities and projects at FNAL
Mattia Checchin氏(FNAL)
Superconducting Radio-Frequency (SRF) cavities are devices employed in the acceleration of charged particles in modern particle accelerators.
Fermilab, prime high energy physics laboratory in the US, is among the most advanced laboratories in the world in the research and developing of SRF cavities, trying to push the performance of this technology towards its employment in future accelerators and new applications.
In this talk, the R&D effort ongoing at Fermilab on superconducting resonators will be presented, with specific effort on describing the activities concerning the basic R&D on bulk niobium cavities for high gradient and high Q-factor applications. Status update and R&D effort on LCLS-II, LCLS-II HE, and PIP-II projects will be presented, as well as the new application frontier of SRF cavities in quantum information science and particle detection.