J-PARC素粒子原子核セミナー(Dr. Carlos Munoz Camacho)

会場東海1号館 227室
講演タイトルUnraveling the internal structure of the proton at Jefferson Lab at the future EIC
講演者Dr. Carlos Munoz Camacho (Institut de Physique Nucleaire, Orsay)


Understanding Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) at large distances remains
one of the main outstanding problems of nuclear physics. Investigating
the internal structure of hadrons probes QCD in the non-perturbative
domain and can help unravel the spatial extensions of nature's
building blocks. Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS) is the
easiest reaction that accesses the Generalized Parton Distributions
(GPDs) of the nucleon. GPDs offer the exciting possibility of mapping
the 3-D internal structure of protons and neutrons by providing a
transverse image of the constituents as a function of their
longitudinal momentum. A vigorous experimental program is currently
pursued at Jefferson Lab (JLab) to study GPDs through DVCS. New
results recently published will be shown and discussed. We will give
with an outlook on the Upgrade of JLab to 12 GeV, which will allow the
full exploration of the valence quark structure of nucleons and nuclei
and promises the extraction of full tomographic images. We will
conclude discussing the future Electron-Ion Collider, which will
complete this program by studying the gluon content of nucleons and