会場研究本館3階 セミナーサロン322
講演タイトルBlack Hole Information Paradox: a Door to New Physics?
講演者Sujoy.K.Modak (​KEK Theory Center )
連絡先松久 勝彦/



Black hole information paradox (BHIP) is an old but unsolved problem. There is an intense controversy regarding a satisfactory resolution of the problem, which, in our point of view may lead to new physics. We consider a novel approach to address this issue. The idea is based on adapting, to the situation at hand, the modified versions of quantum theory involving spontaneous stochastic dynamical collapse of quantum states, which have been considered in attempts to deal with shortcomings of the standard Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, in particular, the issue known as "the measurement problem". The new basic hypothesis is that this modified (stochastic) quantum behavior is enhanced in the region of high curvature so that the information encoded in the initial quantum state of the matter fields is rapidly erased as the black hole singularity is approached. We show that in this manner the complete evaporation of the black hole via Hawking radiation can be understood as involving no paradox.


・ S. K. Modak, L. Ortíz, I. Peña and D. Sudarsky, Phys. Rev. D 91, 124009 (2015)

・ S. K. Modak, L. Ortíz, I. Peña and D. Sudarsky, Gen. Rel. Grav. 47, 120 (2015)