Strangeness nuclear physics

Unifiled nuclear force and in-medium hadron properties are studied using hypernuclei or exotic hadrons which contain strange quark(s).


Spectroscopy of hypernuclei and exotic hadrons are performed using high-resolution beam and SKS spectrometers at K1.8 beam line. By choosing the reactions such as (π+/-, K+), (K--), and (K-,K+), and target nuclei, varitey of hypernuclei and exotic hadrons can be produced. By measuring the beam and scattered particle's momenta precisely, mass of the produced hypernuclei or hadrons can be precisely detemined. Combined with their prodction cross sections, structures of these hypernuclei and hadrons can be obtained. Furthermore, gamma-rays from the hypernuclei are measured in coincidense in some experiments to obtain fine strucure of hypernuclei in detail. From such information., we can study nuclear force which is exdened to the world of strange-quark from ordinary uup- and down-quarks, how hadron properties would be changed in the nuclei. These studies will lead to the understanding of hadrons and nuclei which form our universe.

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