Detection System R&D

Research and development of detection system for elementary particle and nuclear physics and its educational activities. These R&Ds are carried out by collaboration with a lot of researchers in the world.

Purpose and Vision

Detection system plays essential role to observe "new phenomena" in particle and nuclear physics. The detection system measures position, timing, energy of charged particle, radioactive ray and light. Characteristics of the detection system have to meet requirements for radiation resistance, low noise, um-order position resolution, psec-order timing resolution, low power, high speed data transfer in an experiment. We are developing the detection system as well as technologies which can overcome hard requirements of experiments in future. Those R&Ds are performed in collaboration with researchers in other laboratories and companies.


We are using elemental technologies(i.e. sensor process, LSI process, printed circuit board and computing technology) and connection technologies (i.e. interposer for high density integration, high speed interconnection and wide area synchronization) for detection system R&D, and we are making improvement of the performance day by day. When a researcher aims front edge of his world, the researcher have to develop new detection system by himself, because the detection system determines success and failure of the experiment. Researchers in particle and nuclear science as well as life and material science using accelerator are making large effort to develop their own detection system, and research using the detection system at present.

We are developing both detection system and the elements which performance is high radiation resistivity, high position resolution, high timing resolution, high density, low power, high speed data transfer with a lot of researchers. Since we have to cover a lot of technologies, our group comprises process technology group, electronics group and embedded group. Three groups collaborate each other efficiently to caring out R&Ds. The results of the R&Ds are using for experiments as well as transferring to young researchers based on educational effort(i.e. seminar, training course and on the job training). A KEK venture company also transfers some of the results to industrial area.

We will continue the effort to realize supreme detection system based on R&D for particle and nuclear physics as well as creation of new technologies in interaction with other academic disciplines.

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