KEK Openhosue


Every summer KEK holds an open house event, showcasing the laboratories and research facilities that are not normally open at the public visit.

There will be lectures by the researchers who work at KEK, and fun physics activities highlighting the exciting work that takes place at this state of the art accelerator science laboratory.

The lectures will be given in Japanese only, however there will be opportunities during the activities to ask questions, and speak with some of the researchers in English.

Openhouse 2018

  • Date & Time : 2018/9/2 (Sun) 9:00 — 16:30
  • Venue : KEK Tsukuba Campus


  • 加速器群や大型測定器などの公開や展示
  • 講演会
  • サイエンスカフェ
  • 科学おもちゃであそぼう!
  • 霧箱教室
  • おもしろ物理教室 など

Past Events (In Japanese)