ARL18-5:Assistant Professor

Opened Date2018/10/01
Inst./Lab.Applied Research Laboratory/ Cryogenics Science Center
TitleAssistant Professor
TermNo term Limit until 63
Number1 Person
DeadlineThe deadline (to reach KEK) is at 17:00 on Friday November 30, 2018 (Japan time).
Guidelines for application

Job Description

The successful candidate will belong to Cryogenics Science Center of Applied Research Laboratory, and is to be involved in advanced research and development of applied superconductivity and cryogenic engineering to support scientific programs carried out at KEK. He/she is to be in charge of development superconducting magnets and cryogenics systems for particle accelerators, beamlines, and particle detector systems as well as construction, operation and maintenance of relevant “High pressure gas systems”. He/she will be required to get a national license for the “High pressure gas” system operation and maintenance, soon after his/her successful position started at KEK.


Person with the ability to research and educate.