KEK is a research laboratory with particle accelerators. With particle accelerators we experiment and research on the origin of the universe, unknowns in matter, and secrets of life.  We have two campuses: one in Tsukuba city and the other in Tokai village. 

At the Tsukuba campus, we accelerate electrons. And at the Tokai campus, we accelerate protons.  Both campuses host a variety of apparatuses and facilities for experiments.  KEK is organized by two research institutes, Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies (IPNS) and Institute of Materials Structure Science(IMSS) , two research laboratories, Accelerator Laboratory and Applied Research Laboratory, and a department of Advanced Accelerator Technologies(AAT). 

At the Tokai campus, we operate the J-PARC center with our partner, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency(JAEA). J-PARC is a facility which produces high-intensity proton beams.

Related facilities

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