ACC Seminar

2018-01-24ACC SeminarAccelerator Control System Seminar 2018-02-09ACC SeminarHigh Gradient Tests of X-band Cryogenic Normal Conducting Accelerating Cavities 2018-09-14ACC SeminarThe Cornell-BNL ERL Test Accelerator - status and opportunities 2018-09-19ACC SeminarNormal conducting high-gradient acceleration research at SLAC 2018-10-04ACC SeminarBeam blow-up due to x-y coulpling in a lattice 2018-10-12ACC SeminarAn Introduction to Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics / SHINE Project Overview and Schedule 2018-11-06ACC SeminarRadiation Protection and Safety Issues for a future ERL, the PERLE@Orsay facility. How to handle with French laws in order to produce the electron beam? 2018-11-22ACC SeminarOverall Design of the CEPC Injector Linac 2019-01-09ACC SeminarA Brief on Future Colliders 2019-02-07ACC SeminarFCC positron source / Simulation of the Hybrid positron target 2019-02-13ACC SeminarMTCA Based LLRF Control System Development at ESS 2019-03-29ACC SeminarStatus Update of the European XFEL 2019-05-17ACC SeminarDevelopments on Intra-bunch instability control - Recent Results from the Demonstration System at the CERN SPS 2019-07-08ACC SeminarThe 23rd KEKB Accelerator Review Committee 2019-07-16ACC SeminarReinventing wheels 2019-09-10ACC SeminarLCLS-II and the LCLS-II High Energy Upgrade 2019-10-08ACC SeminarMetal Halide Scintillators: Achievements and Challenges 2019-10-25ACC SeminarNovel Cavity Treatments and Infrastructures at DESY / SRF R&D activities and projects at FNAL 2019-11-07ACC SeminarJ-PARC ACC Seminar The CERN Proton Synchrotron at the Heart of the Accelerator / The Recycler and Main Injector in the PIP-II Era 2019-11-18ACC SeminarACC & CSC Seminar - Status of HL-LHC interaction region magnets 2020-02-06ACC SeminarRecent Developments in BNL Direct Wind Magnet Production 2020-02-21ACC SeminarAccelerator projects and development of the accelerator technology