Theory Seminar (Prof. Yutaka Ookouchi)

CategoryTheory Seminar
Start2020/06/09 (Tue) 11:00 AM
End2020/06/09 (Tue) 12:00 PM
VenueOnline (Zoom)
TitleCatalytic Creation of Baby Bubble Universe with Small Positive Cosmological Constant
SpeakerProf. Yutaka Ookouchi (Kyushu University)
ContactYuhma Asano />


In this talk, I will discuss the decay of metastable de Sitter vacua catalyzed by a black hole and a cloud of strings and apply the method to the creation of the four dimensional bubble universe in the five dimensional AdS spacetime. We study the bounce action for the creation and find that the bubble with very small cosmological constant is favored by the catalysis by assuming appropriate mass scales of the black hole and the cloud of strings to reproduce the present energy densities of matter and radiation in the bubble universe.