KEK Theory Seminar(Dr.Yuya Tanizaki)

CategoryTheory Seminar
Start2020/06/16(Tue)11:00 AM
End2020/06/16(Tue)12:00 PM
VenueOnline (Zoom)
TitleModifying instanton sums in QCD
SpeakerDr.Yuya Tanizaki(YITP, Kyoto University)
ContactKohta Hatakeyama/


In the path integral formulation, we need to sum up all possible field configurations to define a QFT. If the configuration space is disconnected, we must specify how they should be summed by giving extra data to specify the QFT. In this talk, we try to restrict the possible number of instantons in SU(N) gauge theories, Yang-Mills theory and QCD, and we find out the vacuum structures of them. For consistency with locality, we have to introduce an extra topological degrees of freedom, and the theory acquires the 3-form symmetry. The existence of this 3-form symmetry leads to extra vacua/universes, and moreover it turns out to give a stronger version of superselection rule for the domain-wall excitation/vacuum decay.