KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Chen Zhang)

Start2018/04/19(Thu) 1:00 PM
End2018/04/19(Thu) 2:00 PM
VenueKenkyu-Honkan 1F, Meeting Room 1
TitleSimplest Little Higgs Revisited: Hidden Mass Relation, Unitarity and Naturalness
SpeakerDr. Chen Zhang (National Center for Theoretical Sciences, Physics Division)


In this talk, I will present an analysis of the scalar potential of the Simplest Little Higgs (SLH) model in an approach consistent with the spirit of continuum effective field theory (CEFT). A hidden mass relation is obtained relating the pseudo-axion mass and top partner mass, serving as a crucial test of the SLH mechanism. I also propose a strategy of analyzing the fine-tuning problem consistent with the spirit of CEFT and apply it to the SLH. The scalar potential and fine-tuning analysis strategies investigated here should also be applicable to a wide class of Little Higgs and Twin Higgs models, which may reveal interesting relations as crucial tests of the related electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism and provide a new perspective on assessing their degree of fine-tuning.