TYL Seminar(Neutrino mass and warm dark matter in cosmology)

Start2018/04/03(Tue)10:30 AM
End2018/04/03(Tue)12:00 PM
VenueSeminar Hall in 3-Gokan
TitleNeutrino mass and warm dark matter in cosmology
SpeakerDr. Nathalie Palanque-Delabrouille (Irfu/DPhP,CEA)
ContactJunji Haba (junji.haba-AT-kek.jp)


The Lyman-alpha forest is a rich source of information. Because it gives access to the clustering information on small scales, it allows one to probe the impact of neutrino mass or of the nature of dark matter on the clustering of the matter of the Universe. I will present the quasar survey of the SDSS/BOSS and eBOSS experiments where the Lyman-alpha forest is measured. I will then present one of the strongest constraints on neutrino mass that was obtained from a combined analysis of CMB and Lyman-alpha data. Finally, I will show how the study of clustering in the Lyman-alpha forest can also lead to competitive constraints on warm dark matter and on several models of keV sterile neutrinos.

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Conference name: TYL seminar

Conference Schedule: Date: 3 Apr 2018

Start: 09:30:00 (JST)

End: 13:00:00 (JST)

Conference number: 910