Year 2018

2018-01-16     KEK Theory Seminar/Mr.Daido 2018-01-16     Cosmophysics Seminar/ Dr. Ishihara 2018-01-18     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Sakurai 2018-01-24ACC SeminarAccelerator Control System Seminar 2018-01-29     KEK Theory Seminar/Dr.Wen Yin 2018-02-02     DTP Seminar/Dr. Leszek ROPELEWSKI 2018-02-05Conference/Workshop29th Belle II General Meeting (B2GM) 2018-02-06     KEK Theory Seminar/Mr.Varun Sethi 2018-02-09ACC SeminarHigh Gradient Tests of X-band Cryogenic Normal Conducting Accelerating Cavities 2018-02-09     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Massimo Passera ) 2018-02-12     Workshop on hadronic vacuum polarization contributions to muon g-2 2018-02-13     Theory Meeting on Particle Physics Phenomenology(KEK-PH2018) 2018-02-14     Theory Seminar/ Dr. T. Doi 2018-02-20     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Hatsuda Yasuyuki) 2018-03-02     The Quantum Beam Science Festa 2017 2018-03-02     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Rainer Sommer) 2018-03-06     KEK Theory Seminar/Mr.Yoshiike 2018-03-07     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Gerco Onderwater ) 2018-03-09     Why Muons are Important in the Chemical Sciences: Theory and Experiment 2018-03-12     Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC(Prof.Oleg Denisov) 2018-03-12     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Yuko Urakawa) 2018-03-20     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Yoshinori Honma) 2018-04-03     TYL Seminar(Neutrino mass and warm dark matter in cosmology) 2018-04-12     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Hajime Fukuda) 2018-04-13     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Fred Olness ) 2018-04-17     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Piljin Yi) 2018-04-19     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Chen Zhang) 2018-04-19     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Misao Sasaki) 2018-04-24     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Hiromasa Takaura) 2018-05-08     J-PARC PN seminar (Dr. Carlos Munoz Camacho) 2018-05-14     Cosmophysics Seminar(Prof. Akihiro Suzuki) 2018-05-15     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Susan Gardner) 2018-05-18     KEK Theory seminar( Dr. Kodai Sakurai) 2018-05-21     J-PARC PN seminar (Dr.Christopher Haddock ) 2018-05-22     KEK Theory seminar( Dr.Okuto Morikawa) 2018-05-29     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Fumihiko Sugino ) 2018-06-07     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Kouji Nakamura) 2018-06-11     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof.Tatsuhiro Misumi) 2018-06-18Conference/Workshop30th Belle II General Meeting (B2GM) 2018-06-19     KEK Theory Seminar(Mr. Nobuyuki Matsumoto) 2018-06-21     Theory Seminar(Prof. Xi Yin) 2018-06-21     Cosmophysics Seminar(Prof. Takasumi Maruyama) 2018-06-22     Theory Seminar(Dr. Debasish Borah) 2018-06-28     Cosmophysics Seminar(Ms. Chinami Kato) 2018-07-11     KEK Theory seminar(Dr. Alessandro Sfondrini) 2018-07-12     Cosmophysics Seminar(Prof. Nobuya Nishimura) 2018-07-24     IMSS Seminar (18-01) A study on high-resolution cryoEM single particle analysis with 200 kV microscope 2018-08-02     Theory Seminar(Dr. Sanjaye Ramgoolam) 2018-09-14ACC SeminarThe Cornell-BNL ERL Test Accelerator - status and opportunities 2018-09-19ACC SeminarNormal conducting high-gradient acceleration research at SLAC 2018-10-04ACC SeminarBeam blow-up due to x-y coulpling in a lattice 2018-10-04     Cosmophysics Seminar(Prof. Tomoaki Ishiyama) 2018-10-12ACC SeminarAn Introduction to Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics / SHINE Project Overview and Schedule 2018-10-15Conference/Workshop31st Belle II Collaboration Meeting 2018-10-16     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Di-Lun Yang) 2018-10-23     Theory Seminar(Dr. Keisuke Harigaya) 2018-10-25     Cosmophysics Seminar (Prof. Sergei V. Ketov) 2018-10-30     Cosmophysics Seminar(Prof. Anupam Mazumdar) 2018-11-02     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Tim Maudlin ) 2018-11-06ACC SeminarRadiation Protection and Safety Issues for a future ERL, the PERLE@Orsay facility. How to handle with French laws in order to produce the electron beam? 2018-11-06     (18-04) Long-wavelength crystallography - Exploiting anomalous dispersion from light elements 2018-11-13     8th International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics November 13-17, 2018, Tsukuba, Japan 2018-11-15     Cosmophysics Seminar(Prof.Keiichi Maeda) 2018-11-20     Theory Seminar(Prof. Takeshi Morita) 2018-11-21     (18-03)Soft X-ray high resolution/high diffraction efficiency holographic diffraction gratings ―Developments and applications to spectrometers― 2018-11-22ACC SeminarOverall Design of the CEPC Injector Linac 2018-11-27     Theory Seminar(Mr. Yasunori Lee ) 2018-12-03     Theory Seminar(Prof. Yu-tin Huang) 2018-12-04     KEK Theory Meeting on Particle Physics Phenomenology (KEK-PH2018 winter) and 3rd KIAS-NCTS-KEK workshop on Particle Physics Phenomenology 2018-12-12     Theory Seminar(Prof. Alexander Kusenko) 2018-12-17     KEK Theory Workshop 2018