Vortex behavior and pinning mechanisms in Superconductors Special case: Crystalline structure of bulk Niobium andits influence on Flux trapping, hydride precipitate,doping behavior...

Start2017/08/29(Tue)10:30 AM
End2017/08/29(Tue)11:30 AM
VenueCOI building (A new building located next to the STF building), 1st floor, Meeting room.
SpeakerDr. Claire Antoine (CEA-Saclay)
ContactTakayuki SAEKI (PHS 4693)


In the first part of the presentation I will recall general features about the apparition of vortices and about pinning mechanisms in superconductors, including the difference of optimization between magnet applications vs RF cavities applications. Then we will see how this apply in the case of Niobium and its consequences on various aspects of recent issues likes flux trapping, hydrides precipitates or doping behavior. In particular I will describe what the type of defects is most likely at the origin of these three phenomena.