Theory Seminar/ Prof. Takayuki Myo

Start2016/09/14(Wed)11:00 AM
End2016/09/14(Wed)12:30 PM
VenueHonkan Building 1F, Meeting Room 1
TitleRecent development of complex scaling method for many-body unbound states in light nuclei (part2)
SpeakerProf. Takayuki Myo (Osaka Institute of Technology)


Complex scaling method is one of the approaches to study the resonances in many-body quantum system and widely used in atomic and molecular physics, nuclear physics and hadron physics. For nuclear physics, in proton-rich and neutron-rich nuclei, most of the states are observed as unbound states owing to the weak binding nature of valence protons/neutrons. Complex scaling method becomes a powerful tool to investigate the properties of unbound states in those nuclei. We present the recent development of complex scaling method for the description of the many-body resonances and continuum states in light unstable nuclei.

The seminar consists of two parts as
1) Fundamental properties of the complex scaling method and its application to the many-body resonances decaying into the system of three-body and more, which are often seen in light unstable nuclei.

2) Application of the complex scaling method to the reaction phenomena with light unstable nuclei. In particular, we present the complex-scaled Green's function method to obtain the cross sections. Green's function is essential to evaluate the cross sections not only of resonances, but also of non-resonant continuum part individually. This decomposition of the cross section is useful to clarify the reaction mechanism in the connection with the role of resonances.