Theory Seminar/Kim

Start2016/06/09(Thu) 1:00 PM
End2016/06/09(Thu) 2:00 PM
VenueKenkyu-honkan 1F meeting room 3
TitleDiphoton Excess and Electric Dipole Moments
SpeakerMr.Hyungjin Kim (KAIST)
ContactRyusuke Jinno/



We examine the implication of the recently observed diphoton excess for the electric dipole moments of the neutron and electron. The excess can be due to a spin zero resonance which couples to photons and gluons through the loops of massive vector-like fermions. In this case, the resulting neutron electric dipole moment can be comparable to the present experimental bound if the CP-violating angle alpha in the underlying new physics is of O(10^-1). An electron EDM comparable to the present bound can be achieved through a mixing between the 750 GeV resonance and the Standard Model Higgs boson, if the mixing angle itself for an approximately pseudoscalar resonance, or the mixing angle times the CP-violating angle alpha for an approximately scalar resonance, is of O(10^-3). For the case that the 750 GeV resonance corresponds to a composite pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone boson formed by a QCD-like hypercolor dynamics confining at Lambda_HC, the resulting neutron EDM can be estimated with alpha ~ (750GeV/Lambda_HC)2theta_HC, where theta_HC is the hypercolor vacuum angle.