Theory Seminar (Dr. Taksu Cheon )

Start2016/01/07(Thu) 3:00 PM
End2016/01/07(Thu) 4:30 PM
VenueKenkyu Honkan 3F Seminar Room ​(321,322)​
TitleSpiral orbits and oscillations in historical dynamics - Can rise and fall of empires be understood mathematically?
SpeakerDr. Taksu Cheon


We introduce the concept of metaasabiya, the second non-material resource, to the asabiya theory of historical dynamics. We find that the resulting three variable dynamical system has peculiar structures of the repeller axis, the attractor string, and spiralling orbits in the phase space, which enable the system to go through multiple oscillatory rises and falls with nontrivial initial state dependence, mimicking the evolutions of real-world polities. These distinctive features, absent in conventional Lotka-Volterra type biological systems, reveal the hidden richness inherent in the asabiya theory.


T.Cheon & S.S.Poghosyan, "Spiral orbits and oscillations in historical dynamics", KUT UQD preprint (2015)