Year 2016

2016-01-07     Theory Seminar (Dr. Taksu Cheon ) 2016-01-19     New Physics Forum (Muon) 2016-01-20     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Nilakash Sorokhaibam) 2016-01-26     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof.Nobuhito Maru) 2016-01-27     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Yuichiro Tada) 2016-02-02     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Chen-Pin Yeh) 2016-02-04     IMSS Seminar (15-13) Status of Novosibirsk FELs (FEL-1, FEL-2, FEL-3) based on four track ERL 2016-02-09     KEK-PH 2016 2016-02-16     IMSS Seminar (15-12) Beta-detected NMR: a "new" probe for nano science 2016-02-25     KEK Theory Seminar(Dr. Hiroyuki Kitamoto) 2016-03-09     Status of CEPC Accelerator (Physics) Study 2016-03-10     IMSS Seminar (15-14) Biological big-data analysis with deep mathematical modeling 2016-03-28     IMSS Seminar (15-15) 2016-04-08     SuperKEKB commissioning seminar 2016-04-26     Theory Seminar/Naruko 2016-04-27     FCC-ee beam optics & matching with synchrotron motion 2016-05-16     Current status of cavitites, couplers, cryomodules for Euro-XFEL at DESY 2016-05-17     Theory Seminar/Ema 2016-05-18     The 2015 eRHIC Ring-Ring Design 2016-05-24     Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC (Prof. Yves Schutz) 2016-05-24     Theory Seminar (Dr. Masamichi Miyaji) 2016-05-25     Future Circular Colliders 2016-05-26     IMSS Seminar (16-02) 2016-05-31     Theory Seminar/Yamada 2016-06-02     SAD Seminar on some details 2016-06-07     Theory Seminar/Kawai 2016-06-09     Theory Seminar/Kim 2016-06-10     SuperKEKB injector laser photo-cathode RF gun workshop 2016-06-14     Theory Seminar/Dr. Kato 2016-06-21     Theory Seminar/Liew 2016-06-23     Theory Seminar/Dutta 2016-06-24     Theory Seminar/Dr. Yuki Yokokura 2016-06-28     Theory Seminar/M.Yamada 2016-06-30     Theory Seminar/Prof. Vladimir Gudkov 2016-07-01     SuperKEKB commissioning seminar 2016-07-05     Theory Seminar/Franceschini 2016-07-06     Beam dynamics studies for the Hybrid Multi Bend Achromatic lattice of the ESRF-EBS 6GeV upgrade and future 3GeV storage rings 2016-07-12     Theory Seminar/Yonekura 2016-07-14     Cosmophysics Seminar (Dr. Yuko Urakawa) 2016-07-15     An overview of transverse and longitudinal beam measurements for CERN's present and future accelerators 2016-07-19     Cosmophysics Seminar (Prof. Takahiro Tanaka) 2016-07-21     Cosmophysics Seminar/Kinugawa 2016-07-21     Transverse Beam Size Diagnostics using Brownian Nanoparticles 2016-07-22     KEK Theory Seminar(Dr. Masazumi Honda) 2016-07-26     Theory Seminar/Kimura 2016-07-27     Theory Seminar/Wen Yin 2016-07-27     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Kazuki Sakurai) 2016-08-02     Theory Seminar/Dr.Fuyuto 2016-08-03     Workshop on Prospects of Electron-Ion-Collider project 2016-08-03     Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC(Prof. Abhay Deshpande) 2016-08-18     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Ryo Suzuki) 2016-08-23     Theory Seminar/Dr.Shimada 2016-09-01     Cosmophysics Seminar/Dr.Motz 2016-09-07     Theory Seminar/Dr. Pascal Naidon 2016-09-13     Theory Seminar/Prof. Takayuki Myo 2016-09-14     Theory Seminar/ Prof. Takayuki Myo 2016-09-27     Theory Seminar/Dr.Maruyoshi 2016-10-04     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Hiroyuki Shimizu) 2016-10-05     Interaction Region Magnets for ILC in Japan, SuperKEKB and eRHIC at BNL 2016-10-11     Design, Fabrication and Test of Thermionic Electron Beam Emitter Assemblies 2016-10-11     Theory Seminar/Dr.feldmann 2016-10-13     Theory Seminar/ Dr. S. Tsutsui 2016-10-17Conference/Workshop25th Belle II General Meeting (B2GM) 2016-10-18     Theory Seminar/Dr. Yohei Saito 2016-10-20     Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC (Prof. M.O. Wascko) 2016-10-20     Cosmophysics Seminar (Dr. Koji Ichikawa) 2016-10-24     Theory Seminar/Dr.Hotta 2016-10-25     IMSS Colloquium 2016-11-01     Theory Seminar/Dr.Saitou 2016-11-01     IMSS Seminar (16-04) 2016-11-01     Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC (Prof. Toshimi Suda) 2016-11-01     Theory Seminar/Dr. Murgia 2016-11-02     Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar at J-PARC (Dr. Monojit Ghosh) 2016-11-07     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr.Olcyr Sumensari  ) 2016-11-08     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Natusmi Nagata) 2016-11-08     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Richard Ruiz) 2016-11-10     MAX IV 3 GeV storage ring vacuum system: from development to operation 2016-11-22     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Hiroshi Suzuki) 2016-11-24     The 35th Quantum Information Technology Symposium (QIT35) 2016-11-24     Cosmophysics Seminar (Dr. Katsuki Aoki) 2016-11-29     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Masato Taki) 2016-12-02     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof. Loriano Bonora) 2016-12-06     KEK Theory Workshop 2016 2016-12-15     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Daniel Sudarsky ) 2016-12-16     KEK Theory Seminar (Prof.Gokce Basar) 2016-12-19     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Shigehiro Yasui) 2016-12-20     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Satoshi Shirai ) 2016-12-21     High Energy e+e- Factories (FCC-ee & CEPC) and Possibility of Circular Colliders 2016-12-26     KEK Theory Seminar (Dr. Takahiro Terada)