Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies

In the Institutes of Particle and Nuclear Studies, we have investigated a wide range of research field on the particle and nuclear physics both with the experimental and theoretical approaches. Our activity further includes development of new experimental devices, methods, application studies, and related physics research using a variety of particle beams (e.g., the colliding-beam accelerator and the high intensity proton accelerator).


Director Prof. Katsuo Tokushuku
Deputy Director Prof. Shoji Uno
Prof. Takashi Kobayashi

Office : 
Tel +81-029-864-5324 Fax +81-029-864-2580

Meeting and Seminar

Physics Seminar
Theory Seminar

Introduction of Research

The Neutrino Research
Research at B-Factory
Study of Hadron Beam Dynamics
Energy Frontier Experiments at LHC
Strangeness Nuclear Physics
Study of Physical Cosmology
Study of Rare K-meson Decays
Study of Energy-frontier at International Linear Collider (ILC)
Muon Rare Decay Mode Search
KEK Theory Center
Precision Measurement of Muon Dipole Moments
The Research and Development of Progressive Neutrino Detectors
Cryogenic Engineering and Superconductivity
Fundamental Neutron Physics
Detection System R&D
Nuclear Physics with Short-lived Nuclei

Graduate Education

SOKENDAI(The Graduate University for Advanced Studies), Department of Particle and Nuclear Physics