Invited Seminar: An Improved Measurement of the Electron Magnetic Moment

開始日時 2022/10/24 10:00
終了日時 2022/10/24 11:30
講演者 Dr. Xing Fan (Harvard University and Northwestern University)
会場 Zoom
言語 English


A single isolated electron in a Penning trap yields a new measurement of the electron magnetic moment g/2 = 1.001 159 652 180 59 (13). This measurement combined with the Standard Model calculation yields an independent determination of the fine structure constant α−1 = 137.035 999 166 (15). A comparison of the measured g-factor and the predicted g-factor using an independent measurement of the fine structure constant provides the most stringent test of the Standard Model.
The newly constructed system used for this measurement which resulted in increased stability and a better understanding of systematic errors, along with efforts towards a further improved measurement using new techniques will be discussed.