Do different observers see different physics?

開始日時 2022/07/25 16:00
終了日時 2022/07/25 17:00
講演者 川合 光 招聘教授(台湾国立大学)
会場 ハイブリッド形式 : オンライン (Zoom) + セミナールーム(研究本館321,322)
連絡先 酒井勝太/
言語 English


Considering a system of particles in a gravitational field for example, in classical mechanics, there is naturally a one-to-one correspondence between the motion observed by an freely falling observer and the motion observed by a distant observer. However, in quantum mechanics, a "good wave packet" whose position and velocity are relatively well determined for one observer is not necessarily a "good wave packet" for another observer, which means the above one-to-one correspondence no longer exists. We will argue that such deviations can be significantly large when non-renormalizable interactions, or interactions that becomes strong at the Planck scale, such as gravity, are taken into account.