SU(N)-natural inflation

開始日時 2022/03/22 11:00
終了日時 2022/03/22 12:00
講演者 村井 開( 東京大学 )
会場 オンライン (Zoom)
連絡先 松戸 竜太郎 /
言語 English


We study SU(N) gauge fields that couple to the inflaton through the Chern-Simons term. In this talk, I will shortly review the dynamics of SU(2) gauge fields during inflation and provide a general procedure to construct homogeneous, isotropic, and attractor solutions of SU(N) gauge fields during inflation. As specific examples, we construct the stable solutions for N=3 and 4 and numerically confirm that they are complete and attractor. I will also discuss the linear perturbations in our model. It is straightforward to apply our procedure to the other simple Lie groups.