KEK素粒子原子核研究所・理論セミナー(奥井 恒 氏 )

開始2019/08/06 (火) 11:00
終了2019/08/06 (火) 12:00
会場研究本館3階 322号室
講演タイトルTomography by neutrino pair beam
講演者奥井 恒 氏( 新潟大学 )


Neutrino Tomography is an application of the particle physics to other science. The idea of neutrino tomography is imaging the interior structure of the Earth by using neutrinos. We consider the tomography method using neutrino oscillation. Neutrino oscillation probability is distorted by matter effect, and we reconstruct the matter density distribution that neutrinos passed through from the distortion. We assume the neutrino pair beam which has recently been proposed as an attractive neutrino source. The beam produces a large amount of neutrino and antineutrino pairs from the circulating partially stripped ions and provides the possibility to measure the energy spectrum of oscillation probability very precisely, together with a sufficiently large detector. In addition, we present a method to reconstruct a matter density profile by means of the analytic formula of the oscillation probability in which the matter effect is included perturbatively to the second order.