KEK素粒子原子核研究所・理論セミナー(山田 悠介 氏)

開始2019/07/23 (火) 15:00
終了2019/07/23 (火) 16:00
会場研究本館1階 会議室3
講演タイトルNonlinear realization in supergravity and its application
講演者山田 悠介氏( 東京大学 RESCEU )


Spontaneously broken supersymmetry plays important roles in supergravity model buildings. Below the supersymmetry breaking scale, the effective theory is well described by nonlinear realizations of supergravity. We show two applications of nonlinearly realized supergravity: One is the effective action of anti-D3 brane in KKLT background. The KKLT model is well known as the string realization of de Sitter vacua. The anti-D3 brane plays an important role in uplifting the vacuum. We show that the world volume fields on anti-D3 brane and their couplings are described in terms of the constrained superfields (nonlinear realizations). Secondly, we show that the nonlinear realization is useful to realize non-supersymmetric models within supergravity. As an example, we show the embedding of the Horndeski model into supergravity, which describes the most general ghost-free scalar-tensor system.