K1.8 beam line and Superconducting Kaon Spectromter (SKS)

K1.8 is a secondary beam line for mass-sepK1.8 beam line and Superconducting Kaon Spectromter (SKS)arated charged particles equipped with a high-resolution beam and scattered particles spectrometers.

SKS Spectromter


K1.8 beam line at J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility was completed in 2009. It delivers mass-separated secondary charged particles such as kaons and pions of 2.0 GeV/c at maximum. A beam spectrometer (K1.8 beam spectrometer ) at the end section of the beam line measures the beam particle momentum precisely. Scattered particle is measured by high-resolution and large-acceptance spectrometer, SKS, which was used for a long time at 12-GeV PS, Tsukuba.
Double strangeness system (which contains two strange-quarks ) will be studied using high-intensity K- beam. High-resolution spectroscopy of hypernuclei and exotic hadrons are also being carried out.

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