K1.1BR BeamLine

K1.1BR is a secondary beam lime which transports charged particles (mainly kaons) produced in the proton reaction in the metal target.



K1.1BR is a secondary beam line installed in the south area of the J-PARC Hadron Experimental Hall and is in operation since 2010. This beam line transports the beams of charged particle such as pion, kaon and anti-proton produced in the primary proton reaction in the metal target to the experimental area with the help of electro-magnets. Various particle and nuclear physics experiments are performed with these beams. By using an electro-static separator a desired particle beam can be selectively transported. The beam line has a common upstream section with K1.1, and branched to the K1.1BR experimental area with a deflecting magnet. The maximum beam momentum of this low-momentum beam line is 1 GeV/c. Currently an experiment to search for violation of lepton universality (E36) is being prepared. Also various test experiments are performed.

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