High Momentum Beam Line

High momentum beam lines is planned to buid at Haron experimental facility in

High momentum beam lines facility


Several particle and nuclear experiments are performed using particle beams at Hadron Experimental Facility. An exsiting beam line can deliver a secondary beam with a momentum of up to 2 GeV. However, higher momentum beam can have more variety of experimens and a new high momentum beam line is planned.

A primary proton beam extracted from the J-PARC main ring is branched at the middle of the “Switch Yard” which is a connection area between the main ring and the hadron facility and tranported into the facility. In addtion, a secondary beam is also planned using a production target which will be placed at the branching point. The secondary beam deliver pi mesons, K mesons, and anti-protons with a high momentum. Detailed design of the beam line and developments of the branching point are underway.

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