Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies

Elementary particles of the standard model


We have studied elementary particles, nucleus, and their interactions. All the matter in the Universe including us consists of elementary particles. Exploring the elementary particles with high energy beams enables us to describe phenomena of the submicroscopic world and to reveal mysteries of the creation of the universe.


In the Institutes of Particle and Nuclear Studies, we have investigated a wide range of research field on the particle and nuclear physics both with the experimental and theoretical approaches. Our activity further includes development of new experimental devices, methods, application studies, and related physics research using a variety of particle beams (e.g., the colliding-beam accelerator and the high intensity proton accelerator).




Elementary particles of the standard model
Elementary particles of the standard model




Belle II

The Neutrino Beam Line

The Neutrino Monitor

K1.8 beam line and Superconducting Kaon Spectrometer (SKS)

K1.8BR beam line

KL Beam Line

K1.1BR Beam Line

K1.1 Beam Line

High Momentum Beam Line

Open Soure Consortium (Open-It)

TRIAC, KISS; Experimental facilities for short-lived nuclei




The Neutrino Research

Research at B-Factory

Study of hadron beam dynamics

Energy Frontier Experiments at LHC

Strangeness nuclear physics


Study of rare K-meson decays

Study of energy-frontier at International Linear Collider (ILC)

Muon rare decay mode search

KEK Theory Center

Precision measurement of muon dipole moments

The Research and Development of Progressive Neutrino Detectors


Fundamental Neutron Physics

Detection System R&D

Nuclear Physics with short-lived nuclei