2018/04/24TopicsAddendum to the KEK-ILC Action Plan 2018/04/23TopicsThe 7th TYL Science Camp for Japanese Female Students Held at KEK Tsukuba Campus 2018/04/19TopicsCOMET Experimental Group Successfully Extracts a Clean 8GeV Pulsed Proton Beam from J-PARC's 30GeV Main Ring to Hadron Experimental Facility 2018/03/09TopicsIsraeli Ambassador to Japan Visits KEK Tsukuba Campus for Flag Raising Ceremony Commemorating Israel's Participation as 25th Member Nation of Belle II Experiment 2018/01/26Topics【Belle II】QCS Superconducting Magnets for Final Focusing of e-, e+ Beams Connected to Central Beam Pipes inside Belle II, Remote Vacuum Connection (RVC) Works Successfully 2018/01/05Topics2018 New Year's Address 2017/12/26TopicsThe Fifth KEK-TRIUMF Scientific Symposium held in Vancouver 2017/11/24Topics【Belle II Experiment】Preparation for Commissioning in Full Swing after Successful BEAST Detector Installation 2017/11/13Topics【BelleⅡ】The Test of the BEAST Detector System Started 2017/10/16TopicsFrench Ambassador Visits KEK Tsukuba to Attend a Ceremony of Raising French National Flag, Commemorating 24th National Participation in BelleⅡ 2017/10/10TopicsLab. Tour of KEK by attendance of International Joint symposium of 3rd Innovative Measurement and Analysis for Structural Materials and TIA-Fraunhofer workshop 2017/10/10TopicsJENNIFER Consortium General Meeting Held in KEK, Tsukuba, Japan Attended by 40 Researchers from 12 Nations 2017/09/29TopicsThe IHEP-KEK 2017 Collaboration Meeting held in Tsukuba 2017/09/08TopicsThe President of INFN in Italy Visit KEK Tsukuba to Discuss the Current and Future Collaboration 2017/03/23TopicsProf. Fumihiko Takasaki received the Japan Academy Prize from the Japan Academy 2017/03/01TopicsCall for Nomination for Next Director-General of KEK 2017/02/02TopicsPublication Of A New Belle II Introduction Movie 2017/01/10Topics2017 New Year's Address 2016/12/22TopicsKEK will be closed from December 29, 2016 to January 3, 2017 for Year-end and New Year holidays 2016/12/14TopicsProf. Yoshitaka Kimura received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon from Japanese Government 2016/11/17TopicsProf. Yong Ho Chin Appointed to the Chair of ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel 2016/11/09TopicsThe 3rd KEK Student Day held in KEK 2016/10/24TopicsInstallation Of The Belle II Central Drift Chamber Completed【IPNS Topics】 2016/10/17TopicsSwedish delegation's visit to KEK 2016/10/07TopicsThe Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia visited KEK 2016/10/06TopicsVisual Imaging of Radio-Frequency Cavity Breakdown【Accl. Lab. Topics】 2016/09/16TopicsA visit from the United States Embassy of Tokyo 2016/08/08TopicsKEK develops the KEK Project Implementation Plan (KEK-PIP) 2016/08/04TopicsLaunch of "Multi-national Partnership Laboratory Framework" 2016/07/21TopicsCompletion of the drift chamber for COMET Experiment【IPNS News】 2016/05/17TopicsInstallation Of The Belle II TOP Detector Completed【IPNS News】 2016/02/09TopicsTrial operation of SuperKEKB started 2016/01/20TopicsTPS achieved the beam intensity of 520mA at NSRRC in Taiwan 2016/01/14Topics2016 New Year's Address 2016/01/06TopicsKEK issues action plan for the International Linear Collider 2015/12/25Topics2015 BINP-KEK Annual Cooperative Meeting held at KEK 2015/12/25Topics2015 IHEP-KEK Cooperative Meeting held at IHEP (China) 2015/12/18TopicsKEK and TRIUMF signed a new partnership agreement 2015/12/14TopicsGot Any Hint for New Physics?HINT2015 : The workshop for future prospects of high-intensity proton accelerators and the beams toward multi-MW power 2015/12/14TopicsFounding Fathers of the B Factory Experiments Awarded Panofsky Prize 【IPNS Topics】 2015/11/20TopicsThe Indian Science and Technology Minister and the Ambassador of India visited KEK for 5 year extension of the Indian Beamline agreement 2015/10/09TopicsKEK and the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) signed a Project Arrangement concerning high energy physics. 2015/09/08TopicsDr. Phillip Urquijo wins 2015 3M Eureka Prize for Emerging Leader in Science【IPNS Topics】 2015/07/24TopicsFirst look at antineutrino appearance from T2K 2015/07/14TopicsA visit from the German Embassy to Japan in Tokyo at KEK 2015/07/01TopicsA visit from the Italian Ambassador to Japan at KEK 2015/06/12TopicsThe Ambassador of India visited KEK【IMSS Topics】 2015/06/11TopicsDr. Xudong Wang received the 2015 Encourage Prize of the Cryogenic and Superconductivity Society of Japan, CSSJ【ACCL Topics】 2015/02/09TopicsThe Ambassador of the Republic of Poland visited KEK 2015/02/03TopicsTransportation of Belle II CDC to TSUKUBA bldg. from FUJI bldg【IPNS Topics】 2014/12/25TopicsKEK, Georgian Ministry of Education and Science and Georgian International Education Center signed on a MoU 2014/12/09TopicsProf. Yong Ho Chin received the 2015 APS Outstanding Referee Award 【ACCL Topics】 2014/11/25TopicsNew International Offices of KEK and CERN 2014/07/25TopicsFrom ICFA:International committee looks toward a global future of particle physics discoveries 2014/07/04TopicsJ-PARC News #109 2014/07/04TopicsJ-PARC News #108 2014/01/15TopicsT2K discovery was selected as one of the top 100 science stories of 2013 2013/12/09TopicsReport on the Joint US-CERN-Japan-Russia Accelerator School 2013 2013/10/21TopicsNobel Prize to F. Englert and P. Higgs 2013/09/04TopicsStatement from the Asian High Energy Physics Community on the International Linear Collider