ICFA announces a new phase towards preparation for the International Linear Collider The KEK Roadmap Open Symposium was held on July 6, 2020. The 42nd Joint Committee Meeting of U.S.-Japan Cooperation Program in High Energy Physics UTokyo and KEK sign MoU to promote Hyper-Kamiokande project Belle II explores new "portal" into dark matter - First results from the Belle II Experiment KEK-TRIUMF Exchange Program for Early Career Researchers successfully concluded ICFA Statement on the ILC Project The Hyper-Kamiokande project is officially approved. 2020 New Year's Address "We are committed to making the ILC a success"
- LCWS participants publish "Sendai Statement" in support of the International Linear Collider-
President of the Republic of Slovenia visits KEK Tsukuba and informs the decoration of the Republic of Slovenia to Dr. Yamauchi Visit of the First Lady of Niger KEK publishes the International Working Group's Recommendations for International Linear Collider The first KEK Scientific Advisory Committee meeting held in Tokyo STF-2 Beam Operation Demonstrates ILC Specifications ILC International Working Group Established -- First Meeting Held in Granada Undergraduate Students from the Radboud University Nijmegen visit KEK and J-PARC KEK presented its plan for the ILC project in Lausanne School of High Energy Accelerator Science, SOKENDAI and Georgian Technical University signed agreements for a double-degree program MEXT explains its view on the ILC to ICFA The Workshop on Advanced Superconducting Materials and Magnets held at KEK 2019 New Year's Address Minuscule Gremlins Cause Vacuum Breakdown in Radio-Frequency Accelerating Cavities Under Secretary for Science of U.S. DOE visited KEK Addendum to the KEK-ILC Action Plan The 7th TYL Science Camp for Japanese Female Students Held at KEK Tsukuba Campus COMET Experimental Group Successfully Extracts a Clean 8GeV Pulsed Proton Beam from J-PARC's 30GeV Main Ring to Hadron Experimental Facility Israeli Ambassador to Japan Visits KEK Tsukuba Campus for Flag Raising Ceremony Commemorating Israel's Participation as 25th Member Nation of Belle II Experiment 【Belle II】QCS Superconducting Magnets for Final Focusing of e-, e+ Beams Connected to Central Beam Pipes inside Belle II, Remote Vacuum Connection (RVC) Works Successfully 2018 New Year's Address The Fifth KEK-TRIUMF Scientific Symposium held in Vancouver 【Belle II Experiment】Preparation for Commissioning in Full Swing after Successful BEAST Detector Installation 【BelleⅡ】The Test of the BEAST Detector System Started French Ambassador Visits KEK Tsukuba to Attend a Ceremony of Raising French National Flag, Commemorating 24th National Participation in BelleⅡ Lab. Tour of KEK by attendance of International Joint symposium of 3rd Innovative Measurement and Analysis for Structural Materials and TIA-Fraunhofer workshop JENNIFER Consortium General Meeting Held in KEK, Tsukuba, Japan Attended by 40 Researchers from 12 Nations The IHEP-KEK 2017 Collaboration Meeting held in Tsukuba The President of INFN in Italy Visit KEK Tsukuba to Discuss the Current and Future Collaboration Prof. Fumihiko Takasaki received the Japan Academy Prize from the Japan Academy Call for Nomination for Next Director-General of KEK Publication Of A New Belle II Introduction Movie 2017 New Year's Address KEK will be closed from December 29, 2016 to January 3, 2017 for Year-end and New Year holidays Prof. Yoshitaka Kimura received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon from Japanese Government Prof. Yong Ho Chin Appointed to the Chair of ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel The 3rd KEK Student Day held in KEK Installation Of The Belle II Central Drift Chamber Completed【IPNS Topics】 Swedish delegation's visit to KEK The Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia visited KEK Visual Imaging of Radio-Frequency Cavity Breakdown【Accl. Lab. Topics】 A visit from the United States Embassy of Tokyo KEK develops the KEK Project Implementation Plan (KEK-PIP) Launch of "Multi-national Partnership Laboratory Framework" Completion of the drift chamber for COMET Experiment【IPNS News】 Installation Of The Belle II TOP Detector Completed【IPNS News】 Trial operation of SuperKEKB started TPS achieved the beam intensity of 520mA at NSRRC in Taiwan 2016 New Year's Address KEK issues action plan for the International Linear Collider 2015 BINP-KEK Annual Cooperative Meeting held at KEK 2015 IHEP-KEK Cooperative Meeting held at IHEP (China) KEK and TRIUMF signed a new partnership agreement Got Any Hint for New Physics?
HINT2015 : The workshop for future prospects of high-intensity proton accelerators and the beams toward multi-MW power
Founding Fathers of the B Factory Experiments Awarded Panofsky Prize 【IPNS Topics】 The Indian Science and Technology Minister and the Ambassador of India visited KEK for 5 year extension of the Indian Beamline agreement KEK and the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) signed a Project Arrangement concerning high energy physics. Dr. Phillip Urquijo wins 2015 3M Eureka Prize for Emerging Leader in Science【IPNS Topics】 First look at antineutrino appearance from T2K A visit from the German Embassy to Japan in Tokyo at KEK A visit from the Italian Ambassador to Japan at KEK The Ambassador of India visited KEK【IMSS Topics】 Dr. Xudong Wang received the 2015 Encourage Prize of the Cryogenic and Superconductivity Society of Japan, CSSJ【ACCL Topics】 The Ambassador of the Republic of Poland visited KEK Transportation of Belle II CDC to TSUKUBA bldg. from FUJI bldg【IPNS Topics】 KEK, Georgian Ministry of Education and Science and Georgian International Education Center signed on a MoU Prof. Yong Ho Chin received the 2015 APS Outstanding Referee Award 【ACCL Topics】 New International Offices of KEK and CERN From ICFA:International committee looks toward a global future of particle physics discoveries J-PARC News #109 J-PARC News #108 T2K discovery was selected as one of the top 100 science stories of 2013 Report on the Joint US-CERN-Japan-Russia Accelerator School 2013 Nobel Prize to F. Englert and P. Higgs Statement from the Asian High Energy Physics Community on the International Linear Collider