Dr. Masanori Yamauchi nominated for third term as Director General SuperKEKB collider achieves the world's highest luminosity Every moment of ultrafast chemical bonding now captured on film-The emerging moment of bond formation, two separate bonding steps, and subsequent vibrational motions were visualized- Getting through the bottleneck--A new class of layered perovskite with high oxygen-ion conductivity T2K Results Restrict Possible Values of Neutrino CP Phase - Published in Nature, the results are a major step forward in the study of difference between matter and antimatter - Researchers find way to show how the tiniest particles in our Universe saved us from complete annihilation Shaken and stirred: Scientists capture the deformation effect of shock waves on a material Fire in the accelerator structure assembly room at electron-positron injector linac Kick-off of the Belle II Phase 3 Physics Run ICFA responds to Japan's interest in the International Linear Collider and encourages its realisation SuperKEKB Phase 3 (Belle II Physics Run) Starts KOTO Experiment at J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility Broke World's Best Sensitivity on Rare Neutral Kaon Decay by an Order of Magnitude - first step forward elucidation of "matter-antimatter asymmetry" - Discovery of abundant ferromanganese microparticles in oxic pelagic sediments: New insights into the global budget of me Electrons and Positrons Collide for the first time in the SuperKEKB Accelerator SuperKEKB accelerator kicks into new gear Study of ultrafast electron dynamics in twisted multilayer graphene using femtosecond photoemission electron microscopy The Candidate of KEK Director General for the next term T2K presents hint of CP violation by neutrinos The Belle II detector was "rolled-in" to the collision point of the SuperKEKB accelerator Strengthening global coordination on large neutrino infrastructures Solid electrolytes open doors to solid-state batteries Hydride-ion conduction makes its first appearance Determining the atomic arrangement of the superstructure of the photocatalyst rutile-TiO2(110)-(1×2) surface First turns and successful storage of beams in the SuperKEKB electron and positron rings Photoelectron diffraction measurements of gaseous molecules aligned in one direction: towards ultrafast molecular imaging Pioneering BaBar and Belle joint analysis New Executive Board Members Started A Three-Year Term at KEK EFFICIENT PRODUCTION OF MUONIUM AT ROOM TEMPERATURE Direct observation of bond formations On results of investigation and preventive measures concerning the inappropriate handling of procurement accounting at KEK as reported earlier 50 years from the Discovery of "CP-violation" On inappropriate handling of procurement accounting at KEK Discovery of a New Crystal Structure Family of Oxide-Ion Conductors NdBaInO4 Computer simulation supports a "holographic" theory describing a black hole Development of TRHEPD: the ultimate tool for surface structure analysis Discovery of a new magnetic ordering phase in an iron-based superconducting material Discovery of novel magnetism in the iridium compound CuIr2S4 Successful Determination of Silicene Structure Using Reflection High-Energy Positron Diffracion (RHEPD) Successful development of a 500-m-long laser-based fiducial line for high precision alignment of long-distance linear accelerators