Launch of "Multi-national Partnership Laboratory Framework"


August 4, 2016

KEK (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization) starts a new "Multi-national Partnership Laboratory Framework" which effectively utilizes the advanced research infrastructures of KEK internationally.

This Framework consists of several collaboration projects hosted by KEK, such as Research and Development on the leading edge accelerator science and other related subject. It is expected that research teams from several nations/regions participate in these projects. Researchers who participate in each project may receive administrative support for research activities from KEK.

Outline and Purpose:

International collaboration at KEK is mainly bilateral except for large experiments on particle and nuclear physics. However, since the research on accelerator science is recently becoming more complicated and large-scaled from the point of international view, multi-nationalization of the project is rapidly proceeding. Therefore, it is also expected at KEK that multi-national collaboration becomes essential for the implementation of future projects.
In addition, accelerators and related facilities of KEK are state-of-the-art and unique. Several foreign institutes have common research interests in using such facilities.
In these situations, KEK decided to launch on the Multi-national Partnership Laboratory Framework as an initiative promoting multi-national collaboration between several participating institutes and KEK.

Role of Multi-national Partnership Laboratory Framework:

Multi-national Partnership Laboratory Framework is expected to play the following roles:
○Promotion of the international collaboration utilizing the research infrastructure of KEK beyond the bilateral collaboration,
○Promotion of Research and Development to make KEK research facilities improved,
○Proposal for the plan which will promote KEK more internationalized.

Call for the Multi-national partnership project:

KEK calls for the proposals in this Framework. The applicant in each project, who should be KEK faculty, will become the project manager.
The deadline of the first project proposals is August 24th, 2016. For details, please refer to the following website:

If you wish to participate in "Multi-national Partnership Project," please contact your collaborative researcher at KEK.