Year 2014

KEK, Georgian Ministry of Education and Science and Georgian International Education Center signed on a MoU The candidate of KEK Director General for the next term Prof. Yong Ho Chin received the 2015 APS Outstanding Referee Award 【ACCL Topics】 New International Offices of KEK and CERN On results of investigation and preventive measures concerning the inappropriate handling of procurement accounting at KEK as reported earlier KEK Openhouse 2014 to be held From ICFA:International committee looks toward a global future of particle physics discoveries 50 years from the Discovery of "CP-violation" J-PARC News #109 J-PARC News #108 Request for Nomination for the next Director of J-PARC Center On inappropriate handling of procurement accounting at KEK Discovery of a New Crystal Structure Family of Oxide-Ion Conductors NdBaInO4 Computer simulation supports a "holographic" theory describing a black hole Critical Discovery by Belle finally confirmed after 7 years J-PARC News #107 Development of TRHEPD: the ultimate tool for surface structure analysis J-PARC operation plan in 2014 J-PARC News #106 J-PARC News #105 Renewal of English WEB site of KEK Discovery of a new magnetic ordering phase in an iron-based superconducting material Call for Nomination for Next Director-General of KEK Discovery of novel magnetism in the iridium compound CuIr2S4 J-PARC News #104 New Year's Resolution T2K discovery was selected as one of the top 100 science stories of 2013 The Observation of the Gold Target at the Hadron Experimental Facility