2014/12/25TopicsKEK, Georgian Ministry of Education and Science and Georgian International Education Center signed on a MoU 2014/12/18InfoThe candidate of KEK Director General for the next term 2014/12/09TopicsProf. Yong Ho Chin received the 2015 APS Outstanding Referee Award 【ACCL Topics】 2014/11/25TopicsNew International Offices of KEK and CERN 2014/10/10Press releaseOn results of investigation and preventive measures concerning the inappropriate handling of procurement accounting at KEK as reported earlier 2014/09/11InfoKEK Openhouse 2014 to be held 2014/07/25TopicsFrom ICFA:International committee looks toward a global future of particle physics discoveries 2014/07/11Press release50 years from the Discovery of "CP-violation" 2014/07/04TopicsJ-PARC News #109 2014/07/04TopicsJ-PARC News #108 2014/07/02InfoRequest for Nomination for the next Director of J-PARC Center 2014/06/17Press releaseOn inappropriate handling of procurement accounting at KEK 2014/05/16Press releaseDiscovery of a New Crystal Structure Family of Oxide-Ion Conductors NdBaInO4 2014/05/07Press releaseComputer simulation supports a "holographic" theory describing a black hole 2014/04/24HighlightsCritical Discovery by Belle finally confirmed after 7 years 2014/04/23J-PARCJ-PARC News #107 2014/04/22Press releaseDevelopment of TRHEPD: the ultimate tool for surface structure analysis 2014/04/04InfoJ-PARC operation plan in 2014 2014/04/02J-PARCJ-PARC News #106 2014/04/02J-PARCJ-PARC News #105 2014/03/27InfoRenewal of English WEB site of KEK 2014/03/27Press releaseDiscovery of a new magnetic ordering phase in an iron-based superconducting material 2014/03/01InfoCall for Nomination for Next Director-General of KEK 2014/02/28Press releaseDiscovery of novel magnetism in the iridium compound CuIr2S4 2014/02/10J-PARCJ-PARC News #104 2014/01/27InfoNew Year's Resolution 2014/01/15TopicsT2K discovery was selected as one of the top 100 science stories of 2013 2014/01/06J-PARCThe Observation of the Gold Target at the Hadron Experimental Facility