【63rd】"Pleasure of chamber music: Sound of the Rhine" Starring Sapporo Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster, Mr. Takahiro Tajima



  • R. Schumann: Piano quartet in E flat major op.47
  • W. A. Mozart: Piano quartet in E flat major KV493
  • F. Mendelssohn: Auf fluegeln des gesanges
  • G. F. Handel/J. Halvorsen: Passacaglia

Guest Musicians

  • Takahiro Tajima (Violin)
  • Yumi Tajima (Piano)
  • Tasuku Saruwatari (Cello)
  • Mihoko Saruwatari (Viola)

Musicians’ profiles

Takahiro Tajima — Vaiolin

After the graduation from School of Toho Gakuen Music, he took office as the concertmaster of Sapporo Symphony Orchestra in 2001. He trained his musical skill in Hochschule fuer Music Freiburg from 2004 and performed as the first violin of Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie for six years since 2008. In 2014, he took up the post of the concertmaster of Sapporo Symphony Orchestra again. He studied under Mr. Takayoshi Wanami and Mr. R. Kusmaul.

Yumi Tajima — Piano

She graduated from graduate school of Hochschule fuer Musik Freiburg. She has a variety of experiences in chamber music concerts and music festivals in Europe especially in piano duo. She also taught younger people in Europe.

After 11 years stay in Germany, she moved to Sapporo in 2014. Her activity is wide-ranged from chamber music concerts and CD recording and so on. She teaches piano at Sapporo Otani University since 2017.

Tasuku Saruwatari — Cello

He graduated from art and music course of Makuhari Sohgo High School in Chiba Prefecture. After that, he majored in strings course of the graduate school of Tokyo College of Music.

He played in “Rainbow21 Debut Concert” hosted by Suntory, “Cello-congress in Japan” and in other concerts, such as Sapporo Symphony Orchestra and MMCK. He studied under Mr. Houshun Sakuma, Mr. Ryosuke Hori and Mr. D. Feygin. Now He performs as the second cello in Sapporo Symphony Orchestra since 2014.

Mihoko Saruwatari — Viola

She lived in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture. After graduating from violin course of Tokyo College of Music, she went to Germany and studied at International College of Music, Hamburg.

She lives in Sapporo since 2009. Now she performs in chamber groups and orchestra concerts. She won encouraging prize incentive award in Sapporo Art Festival.