ARL21-5:Associate Professor or Assistant Professor (Female)

Opened Date
No. ARL21-5
Inst./Lab. Applied Research Laboratory
Title Associate Professor or Assistant Professor
Term No term Limit until 63
Number 1 Person
(yyyy/mm/dd, time)
2021/10/15 before noon (JST) *Application due date (to reach KEK) is before noon on Friday October 15, 2021 (JST).
Interview Date Nov. 4, 2021 (Only the applicants who passed our documentary screening will be informed of the details of the interview.)
Guidelines for application ARL21-5

Job Description

The Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) seeks applicants for Associate Professor or Assistant Professor position belonging either (1) Radiation science center, (2) Computing research center, (3) Cryogenic Science center or (4) Mechanical engineering center, to work in the following (1) –(4) fields. She/He for associate Professor is also expected to play a major role in both operations and researches;
(1) Radiation physics, radiation chemistry or radiation engineering related to accelerator health physics. The successful candidate is expected to play a role in researches concerning radiation protection related to accelerators as a professional in the field of high energy accelerator radiation safety. She/He is also expected to take part in the radiation safety control in the KEK Tsukuba/Tokai site as a regional radiation safety officer of the radiation control area. The applicant without the Japanese first class certification as a supervisor of radiation protection is requested to obtain the qualification in the earliest chance.
(2) Computational science related to accelerator science, which includes the development of distributed computing, computer simulation, data acquisition, and data analysis method. The successful candidate is also expected to play a role in supporting, designing, operating, and improving the ICT systems at KEK.
(3) Applied superconducting magnet technologies and/or cryogenic engineering in the projects and/or future science programs that are carried out at KEK. He/she will be required to get national licenses for the “High pressure gas” system operation and maintenance, soon after his/her successful position started at KEK.
(4) Mechanical engineering in the projects carried out at KEK and advanced and fundamental mechanical engineering for future science programs. The successful candidate is expected to take a role of research and development works in mechanical engineering field related to research project and/or collaborative research program carried out in KEK.


Candidates must have sufficient research and educational skills.
Only female applicants are considered. (This job opening is intended to improve gender balance of faculty members at ARL, following the Article 8 of the Gender Equality in Employment Act.)