ARL21-12:Assistant Professor

Opened Date
No. ARL21-12
Inst./Lab. Applied Research Laboratory / Computing Research Center
Title Assistant Professor
Term Up to the end of March 2025 with the contract renewal every fiscal year
Number 1 Person
(yyyy/mm/dd, time)
2022/05/09 noon *The deadline to reach KEK is at noon on Monday, May 9th, 2022 (JST)
Interview Date It will be updated later. (Further details will be separately communicated to the applicants who will be interviewed.)
Guidelines for application ARL21-12

Job Description

Computing Research Center is seeking an assistant professor who fulfills the following requirements. The successful candidate will belong to the KEK Geant4 team at Computing Research Center and conduct the R&D to develop Geant4 and MPEXS, a CUDA version of Geant4. The successful candidate must dedicate the entire working time to the project. The workplace is KEK Tsukuba campus.


Person with the ability to research and educate.
Computing Research Center invites applicants with good English communication skills and a solid will to pioneer a new multidisciplinary field.