ACCL20-5:Assistant Professor

Opened Date
No. ACCL20-5
Inst./Lab. Accelerator Laboratory
Title Assistant Professor
Term Four years
Number A few people
(yyyy/mm/dd, time)
2020/09/30 Application due date (to reach KEK) is before noon on Wednesday
Interview Date Oct. 12, 2020 or Oct. 13, 2020(Further details will be informed later only to the applicants who passed our documentary screening.)
Guidelines for application (External Site) accl20-5e.pdf

Job Description

The successful candidate will belong to Accelerator Laboratory, and be involved in one of the accelerator projects:
・J-PARC proton accelerator
・SuperKEKB collider rings and electron-positron linac
・Light source accelerators (PF/PF-AR)
to engage in their construction, operation, maintenance, and improvements of performance, as well as R&D for related future accelerator projects.


A candidate must have sufficient research and education ability.