【Closed】ACCL20-5:Assistant Professor

Opened Date 2020/06/05
No. ACCL20-5
Inst./Lab. Accelerator Laboratory
Title Assistant Professor
Term Four years
Number A few people
Deadline Application due date (to reach KEK) is before noon on Wednesday September 30, 2020 (JST) .
Interview Date Oct. 12, 2020 or Oct. 13, 2020(Further details will be informed later only to the applicants who passed our documentary screening.)
Guidelines for application accl20-5e.pdf


Job Description

The successful candidate will belong to Accelerator Laboratory, and be involved in one of the accelerator projects:
・J-PARC proton accelerator
・SuperKEKB collider rings and electron-positron linac
・Light source accelerators (PF/PF-AR)
to engage in their construction, operation, maintenance, and improvements of performance, as well as R&D for related future accelerator projects.



A candidate must have sufficient research and education ability.