ACCL20-13:Assistant Professor

Opened Date
No. ACCL20-13
Inst./Lab. Accelerator Laboratory
Title Assistant Professor
Term Up to the end of March 2023 with the contract to be renewed in each Japanese fiscal year
Number One person
(yyyy/mm/dd, time)
2021/05/07 before noon (JST) *Application due date (to reach KEK) is before noon on Friday, May 7, 2021(JST)
Interview Date May 26, 2021 (Only the applicants who passed our documentary screening will be informed of the details of the interview.)
Guidelines for application ACCL20-13

Job Description

The successful candidate will belong to the Center for Applied Superconducting Accelerator (CASA) of Accelerator Laboratory and engage in R&D on basic technology for cost reduction of superconducting RF accelerators.


A candidate must have sufficient research and education ability.