Coronavirus (COVID-19) : Latest KEK Information

Latest Status of KEK


With the safety of users and staff as the top priority, we will cooperate with health centers and related local governments and continue to take appropriate measures to prevent from spreading the infection.


(Last updated : 2022-9-13)

To general public

Prohibit from entering KEK

  • All visitors coming from the all countries and regions are prohibited from entering KEK for quarantine period of 14 days upon arrival to Japan. However, if you have received a notice from the government to shorten the waiting period after entry, it shall be during that period.
  • This mandatory quarantine policy applies to not only KEK staff, but also to KEK Users and all visitors who come for businesses or works

We appreciate your understanding

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When entering KEK

  • Wear a face mask when entering and while on KEK campus.
  • To prevent heatstroke, you may take off face mask as long as physical distancing is kept.
  • Wash your hands or disinfect your hands with alcohol when entering buildings.
(  2020-05-22  2021-10-14

Prevention Measures against COVID-19 at KEK Tsukuba Campus

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Measures regard to Coronavirus infection

  • Do not come to KEK if you are feeling sick, having a cold or fever.
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