Institute of Materials Structure Science

At the Institute of Materials Structure Science, we pursue leading-edge research, not only in physics but also in chemistry, biology, engineering, and medical and agricultural sciences. We use a variety of advanced beams, including synchrotron light, neutron and muon, which have been developed as our particle accelerators have evolved. By advancing the technology of beam production and utilization we provide tools essential for the progress of materials science.


Director Nobuhiro Kosugi
Deputy Director Kenta Amemiya
Toshiya Otomo
Head, SR Science Div. I Kenta Amemiya
Head, SR Science Div. II Toshiya Senda
Head, Neutron Science Div. Shin-ichi Itoh
Head, Muon Science Div. Koichiro Shimomura
Head, Photon Factory Nobumasa Funamori
Head, Slow Positron Facility Nobuhiro Kosugi
Head, Structural Biology Research Center Toshiya Senda
Head, Center for Integrative Quantum Beam Science Kenta Amemiya

Secretariat Office

Institute of Materials Structure Science (Tsukuba) TEL : +81-29-864-5602
FAX : +81-29-864-3202
Photon Factory (Tsukuba) TEL : +81-29-864-5635
FAX : +81-29-864-2801
Slow Positron Facility (Tsukuba) TEL : +81-29-864-5634
FAX : +81-29-864-3202
Neutron/Muon Science Laboratory (Tokai) TEL : +81-29-284-4898
FAX : +81-29-284-4899

Research Facilities

Graduate School