Administration Bureau

General Management Department

General Affairs Division (somu ka)
Personnel and Labor Division (jinjiromu ka)
Benefits Office
IT Infrastructure and Security Division (jyouhoukibankanri ka)


Financal Department

Budget Planning Division (shukei ka)
Purchase Audit Office
Accounting Division (keiri ka)
Contracts Division (keiyaku ka)
Tokai Campus Contracts Office


Research Cooperation Department

Research Cooperation Division (kenkyu kyouryoku ka)
External Funds Office
Research Collaboration and User Support Office
International Affairs Division (kokusai kikaku ka)
International Project Promotion Office


Plant and Facilities Department

Facilities Planning Division (shisetsukikaku ka)
Asset Management Office
Facilities Construction and Maintenance Division (seibikanri ka)


Tokai Campus Administration Division(Tokaikanri ka)