Object-Oriented Data Analysis Environment for Neutron Scattering, "Manyo-Library"

A data analysis environment for neutron scattering experiments in MLF of J-PARC.

A data analysis environment has been developed to provide a software framework for neutron scattering experiments in Material and Life Science Facility (MLF) of J-PARC. The framework, Manyo-Library, has common and generic data analysis functionalities for neutron scattering experiments. Manyo-Library provides many kinds of functions, for example, data containers, data input/output functions, data-analysis operators and a network-distributed parallel data processing method.

Data analysis software applications built on the first version of Manyo-Library were applied to the experiment data. The application has been used in MLF from the day-one. Manyo-Library has been installed to the neutron scattering instruments in MLF and utilized as an infrastructure of data analysis environment in each instrument.

The structure of Manyo-Library. The data analysis functions of Manyo-Library developed in C++ and python languages can be shared and called from the add-on packages, Utsusemi and Emaki on Python environment.